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Advantages of using our products


Thermal stability in winter and summer

Tripomant’s properties of the components grant great stability and resistance.
With a proper installation, Tripomant’s product range stops winter cold avoiding heat loss; in summer the Tripomant reflects back solar radiation avoiding an overheating of roofs and walls.


Quality Insulating system

Tripomant maintains its effectiveness under humidity, heat or cold. Properly applied on roofs the product is waterproof. The multiple layers of the product make the temperature decrease very slow from one side to the other, that’s why no condensations are generated.


Habitability surface increase

Its low thickness makes Tripomant a highly recommended product for refurbishing buildings, reforms etc. Tripomant products allow to increase habitable surface preserving the original appearance of the building.


Easy and quick installation

Tripomant is easy to carry store and install as well as very light.
It is manufactured in rolls of 12 square meters, (10m x 1.20m) and the weight goes from 1.8 kg up to 5.7 kg per roll, depending on the product.
Due to its flexible nature it is adaptable to all different surfaces.


Tripomant meets simultaneously all three insulation principles:

  • Reflection: Capacity of materials to absorb or reflect energy. Tripomant is made out of aluminium layers, which avoid heat waves and presents a reflection rate of 95%.
  • Conduction: Capacity of material of transmitting thermal energy.
    Tripomant is constituted by polyethylene foam layer which are flexible, opaque and have a conductivity rate of 0.031W/ºcm. Depending on the product the layers of aluminium and polyethylene are combined and thermo-sealed in a different manner creating air chambers between each other. This way the product reduces contact between elements, decreasing heat conduction by contact.
  • Convection: Natural phenomenon of air circulation due to temperature differences.
    Tripomant is flexible and therefore easy to adapt to any structure, avoiding heat transfer between different areas.
    Traditional insulation system show bad conductivity rates. To improve they must increase density or thickness. Tripomant is therefore different.

Tripomant presents a high level of sound insulation to impact noise. It is specially indicated for roofs and floors because it does not loose properties on wet conditions and works as a steam barrier as well.

Tripomant is made out of waterproof elements which avoid water absorption and create a steam barrier due to the thermo-sealed system. Air chambers created when the aluminium and polyethylene layers are thermo-sealed, make that the temperature decrease from one side of the product to the other is very mild.
No condensation is formed on the warm side of Tripomant’s products.

If correctly installed for example on a roof, Tripomant is waterproof and works therefore as a waterproof building material.