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Tripomant GR

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Multilayer compound consisting of two aluminized sheets and two protective foams.

Technical Information

  • SKU: TR/GR
  • Brand: Tripomant
  • Weight: 2.60 Kg
  • Volume: 0.06 m²
  • Measures: 10 x 1,25 m
  • Steam barrier: Yes
  • Condensation barrier: Yes
  • Waterproof: Yes
Total Aluminium Foam* Felt Wadding Bubbles Reflexive
4 2 2

* Polyethylene foam (2 mm)

Product Description

M2. Tripomant GR, steam barrier and fully impervious to air and water, formed by a double sheet of aluminized compound and a double sheet protective against foam punching, with a total thickness of 4 mm., placed on the pavement, sealed 5 cms. with 9 mm butyl tape. e.g. cuts, auxiliary means and safety measures. Fully positioned according to DB HS-6.

Additional information


Frameworks/Floor structure, Walls

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