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Tripomant is present in the market since 2002 and is a leading manufacturer of reflective multilayer-insulation in Spain, supplying high quality insulation products for the building industry. Behind Tripomant is Padreiro S.L. which is dedicated to manufacture and distribution of new materials in the building sector.

Tripomant is made out of aluminium and polyethylene foam layers which are thermo-sealed by and exclusive patented system. This system contributes to increase the thermal and acoustic properties of the product. Other properties like steam barrier, anti-condensation are as well improved by this innovative sealing system.

Tripomant’s product range is designed to cover all insulation necessities. It is easy to install, has a small thickness and correctly applied is waterproof. Tripomant can be used for insulating covers, floors, wall plates, under pavements, floating floors etc.
Tripomant’s insulation systems are provided in rolls of following measures: 120cm. x 100cm.

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